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As an editor and producer of documentary films and trailers I collaborate closely with filmmakers to craft a compelling and memorable story that moves viewers to action.

How can I help you with your project?

Need an editor for your film? 
Great collaboration means putting my whole head and heart together with yours to tell an even better story than either of us could have come up with on our own.
Plus, I bring a couple of decades of documentary editing, producing and writing experience to the team.
Let me dive deep into your footage and tease out the pearl of a story that’s waiting to be discovered.
Need a trailer, teaser or sample reel?
I began my television career editing on-air promotions and I have edited, literally, hundreds of promos and trailers. I create trailers and sample reels for independent filmmakers to use for crowdsourcing, grant proposals and growing an audience.
I love the challenge of telling your story in a lively and engaging way that compels your viewer to watch.
Need an editing consultant?
Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and feedback on a work in progress. Or an extra set of hands to deliver a finished film to the network. Or perhaps you are looking to repurpose your film at a different length for a new audience? 
I can jump into film projects at any stage of post, collaborate with you and your team, and find that stronger narrative or expand your audience.

“Shirley Thompson loves documentary for all of its possibilities and beautiful potential: to teach, to build empathy and understanding, and to tell a damn good story. She’s creative, technically savvy, and puts her very sizable heart into her work. I think of her as a selfless asset to any project, whether it’s long form storytelling or cutting a really tight trailer.”

Director, Out of State

Shirley was a joy to collaborate with to tell the complex story of Finding KUKAN. A creative and technical wizard, Shirley also cares deeply for both the characters on screen and the audiences in their seats. The result is a beautiful filmmaking experience from start to finish.

Director, Finding KUKAN

“When you’re at that point in editing when you feel like “there’s no film there,” Shirley is the editor you want. She not only gets the ball rolling with editing, but she sticks with you through sound mix and onlining until the film is ready to launch. I wouldn’t have finished my last two films without her help.”

Director, Kū Kanaka/Stand Tall

“Shirley brings a wealth of experience to her work, is a true collaborator, and has a gift for storytelling. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Director, Return to Sender
“Very professional, creative, pleasant to work with and cost effective. I recommend Shirley highly for cutting short and long form docs.”





Let’s work together.

Shirley Thompson
(808) 457-7924

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