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Just a Piece of Cloth

Four Muslim American women find that their choice to wear or not wear the hijab (the Muslim headscarf or covering), has become a focal point for debate and education. Muslim women in the U.S. are subject to many stereotypes, including beliefs that they are oppressed, forced to cover their heads, and undereducated. The women in Just a Piece of Cloth challenge us to see the complex identities within any category of people and to witness the particular struggles faced by ordinary Muslim women in America.

Editor: Shirley Thompson

Director: Rosemary Henze

States of Grace

Trailer for States of Grace documentary about inspiration Grace Dammann and her family as she rebuilds her life after a devastating accident.

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Directors: Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman

Pacific Heartbeat New Season

Pacific Heartbeat is a series for American Public Television by Pacific Islanders in Communications and PBS Hawaii that showcases the stories of Pacific Islanders, drawing viewers into the heart and soul of Pacific Island culture. Sizzle reel for season 3.

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Executive Producers: Leanne Ferrer and Robert Pennybaker.

Breadfruit & Open Spaces

Deep in the jungle of rural Guam, Micronesian immigrants from Chuuk are living a dream come true: they have purchased land to build homes and plant crops for their families. These new migrants come determined to find work, plant their breadfruit trees and send their children to “American” schools. So they are devastated when the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatens to evict them. With their American Dream at stake, the residents organize and fight back.

Editor/Producer: Shirley Thompson

Director/Producer: Dr. Lola Quan Bautista

Be Home Soon

A man who would become a saint: Rev. Frederick B. “Ted” Howden, Jr., a small town minister from New Mexico, leaves his wife and three small children to volunteer as an Army Chaplain in 1941. He’s halfway around the world in the Philippines when World War Two erupts…only his letters home survive. From the Bataan Death March to a Japanese POW camp, a filmmaker follows an emotional roadmap across generations and retraces history and her grandfather’s final days

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Director: Melissa Howden

One Voice

A play on “Glee” which was all the rage at the time, the trailer for ONE VOICE, a film about the famous Kamehameha Schools Song Contest.

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Director: Lisette Marie Flanary

Reel Injun

Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond’s fascinating and entertaining look at the history of the American Indian in cinema. This trailer was screened at the Television Critics Association meeting in August 2010. REEL INJUN aired as part of the 2010 – 2011 season of Independent Lens on PBS.

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Executive producer for Independent Lens: Lois Vossen

Eating Alaska

What happens to a vegetarian who moves to the Alaskan frontier? A wry search for the ‘right thing’ to eat that leads to climbing mountains with women hunters, communing with vegans and talking moose meat with teens in the Arctic. PBS Broadcast 2010

Producer & Story Consultant: Shirley Thompson

Director/producer: Ellen Frankenstein

Pidgin: The Voice of Hawaiʻi

This one-hour documentary profiles the language of Hawai’i’s working people in its rise from plantation jargon to a source of island identity and pride. Born on sugar plantations and spoken by more than half of Hawai’i’s population, this language captures the essence of multi-ethnic Hawai’i and is the language of Hawai’i’s heart and soul. Once again under attack by educators and bloggers, will Pidgin survive? National PBS Broadcast 2009 – 2010.

Editor: Shirley Thompson.

Director: Marlene Booth

PBS Showcase

For the 2012 PBS Showcase. This reel, presented by Pacific Islanders in Communications, opened the conference in the first session of the first day, and opened for my favorite ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro. Play it loud!

Trailer editor: Shirley Thompson

Executive producer for PIC: Ruth Bolan