Aloha friends!  Excited to share the ONE VOICE TRAILER which I edited for the good people at Pacific Islanders in Communication, a fantastic organization that channels Corporation for Public Broadcasting money to Pacific Islander films and filmmakers (they also do great education and outreach, in addition to funding).  Anyways, there is nothing more fun than editing something and immediately getting to see it with an audience. I put the finishing touches on this trailer, made a DVD and the next night, got to see it projected BIG and LOUD at the I Heart HIFF party, a mixer for the Hawaii International Film Festival.  It was thrilling to hear the crowd at a noisy party in a bar quiet down when the kids voices rose up in song.  The film ONE VOICE will have its world premiere at HIFF in October.

Mahalo to voiceover talent Nolan Hong (ADR Agency – Honolulu), and audio engineer Ross Okamura at AudioBytes.