EATING ALASKA, the local, sustainable food movie by local, sustainable filmmaker Ellen Frankenstein (and co-produced by me!) has a busy month of September, airing on PBS stations from Houston to Juneau, from Charleston to Milwaukee.

As many of you know, this film was a long time labor of love for me and Ellen, born out of Ellen’s experience as a vegetarian who moved to the wild Alaska frontier and being confronted with the question, “What’s the right thing to eat?”  I had a similar experience 8 years ago when I moved from local, organic food friendly San Francisco to Dallas, Texas, where, despite being surrounded by cattle, the only local organic beef I could find was trucked in from Portland, OR.  Eventually, I found my source for local organic beef, raised only 30 miles from my home.  But Ellen and I realized that there was a budding food movement happening, and that EATING LOCAL was one way that all of us could have a powerful impact on creating a better world by supporting our neighbors who are food producers, helping keep local agricultural lands in the hands of the families who tend them, and using fewer fossil fuels to transport food.  This film is the culmination of two years of research, and Ellen’s hands-on quest to explore all the possibilities of eating local in her rural Alaska island home.  EATING ALASKA is a wry, provocative, fun film with amazing Alaska scenery and real Alaskans, including women hunters, Wasila vegans, native traditional food gatherers and regular grocery store shoppers all wrestling with the question of what’s the “right” thing to eat, ethically, environmentally and tastefully.

Help us spread the word about upcoming PBS screenings near you or your friends and family:


Houston, TX– KUHT-8.2: Mon 8/30 at 7 PM, Fri 9/3 at 9 PM
Evansville, IN– WNIN-9.1 & 2: Thu 9/2 at 9 PM
Austin, MN– KSMQ-15: Fri 9/3 at 12 PM
Broomfield, CO– CO KBDI-12: Sun 9/5 at 8 PM Charleston/Columbia/Spartanburg/Allendale/Beaufort/Florence/Sumter/Greenwood & Conway/Greenville/Rock Hill, SC: Sun 9/5 at 5 PM, Fri 9/10 at 9 PM
Greenville, NC– WNTV-29.2: Fri 9/10 at 9 PM
Anchorage, AK– KAKM: Tues 9/14 at 7 PM. ***LIVE SKYPE INTERVIEW***
Durham, NH– WENH: Sat 9/18 at 8 PM, Fri 9/24 at 1 PM
Keene, NH– WEKW: Sat 9/18 at 8 PM, Fri 9/24 at 1 PM
Littleton, NH– WLED: Sat 9/18 at 8 PM, Fri 9/24 at 1 PM
Eureka, CA– KEET-13: Thu 9/23 at 10 PM
Elmira/Syracuse/Utica, NY– WCNY-24.1: Sun 9/26 at 6 PM
East Lansing, MI– WKAR-23.4: Mon 9/27 at 9 PM
Milwaukee, WI– WMVS-10.1: Mon 9/27 at 10 PM
Fairbanks/Bethel/Juneau, etc, AK
.- AlaskaOne: Th 9/30 at 9 PM, Fr 10/1 at 3 AM

You can see some scenes from Eating Alaska on my website:

MANY MORE SCREENINGS ARE COMING, including another major PBS release for Earth Day 2011. For an up-to date listing, please visit our blog.  Keep in touch with us via our FACEBOOK page.