iPhoneVimeo1Are you an iPhone user? Do you watch YouTube and Vimeo clips on your phone?

Today I just want to share a cool iPhone function that came in super handy with a client review last night. I was working late, and needed my client to watch a video and give me feedback. Typically I use my Vimeo channel to post video works in progress on password-protected web pages. My client was home, and so she received the email with the video URL on her iPhone, clicked on the link and viewed the video on her iPhone. Then, her terrific idea: she paused the video on the shots she wanted to change and took a screenshot with her iPhone and emailed the screenshot to me with her feedback.

iphone4s tech tipI was easily able to see which shot needed changing and even had an idea of roughly where it was in the sequence, because the screenshot shows the running time. She emailed me a half a dozen screenshots and I got quick, clear feedback so I could make revisions. Super smart use of everyday smartphone technology!

To shoot a screenshot on your iPhone 4S, press the Home button and the Wake button, located on the top right of your iPhone, and press them quickly at the same time. Don’t hold them down, or you will either power down your phone, or turn on Siri. You’ll hear a camera sound when the screenshot is taken, and the image will be saved to the Camera Roll in the iPhone Photos app. Click on the image to get an email button, and email the image.

Kudos to Pacific Islanders in Communications’ Leanne Ferrer, and her smart husband Frank, for coming up with this great working shortcut for sending feedback on a video while on the go!