New Day Films Annual Meeting 2013

Just back from an intense and inspiring four days in Northern California with my professional tribe: the 80+ social issue documentary filmmakers of the New Day Films collective. This is my twentieth year in the co-op (20!), and I have seen it grow from under thirty members doing DIY distribution to a sophisticated, cutting edge and profitable company, run by activist filmmakers with a passion for changing the world through documentary film. They are also smart, interesting and really FUN to be with. We work hard and we play hard; we butt heads and we wrangle and we listen until we find consensus.  I feel so lucky to be a part of it all. I always learn so much, not just about filmmaking, but about being a better person and community member.

Here is a video I edited for the co-op to highlight our work to the educators and community activists who purchase and use our films to educate and inspire…it was entirely created by New Day members. Directed by Tasha Oldham, Color Correction by Robert Arnold, Sound recording by Mark Lipman, Camera by Keith Wilson and several others…tell me who, and I’ll add their names! Featuring many great New Day members including Johnny Symons, Dan Lohan, Paco deOnis, Indira Somani, Alice Elliott, Jessie Epstein, and Selena Burks-Rentschler.



New Day Films from My Story, Inc. on Vimeo.