KK_WSSo excited to finally share this film with the world, Marlene Booth’s Kū Kanaka: Stand Tall is finished and our world premiere is November 7 at 8pm at Hawaii International Film Festival. Kū Kanaka is a portrait of Kanalu Young, a Hawaiian scholar, historian and activist. Kanalu was also the co-producer of Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai‘i, the documentary I was hired to edit in 2008 which originally brought me to Hawai‘i and completely changed my life by bringing me together with our online editor and the man who is now my husband, Stanford Chang. So this upcoming film festival premiere is the completion of a big circle for me. Stan and I are celebrating seven years together and through the premiere of this new film, we honor Kanalu, who lived an extraordinary life and whose impact can still be felt through the stories of those who knew and loved him.

Get your ticket and come celebrate with our wonderful Hawai‘i documentary community on November 7, 2016. Second screening on November 11. Director Marlene Booth will be at both screenings and I shall be at the first.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak at the first couple of minutes of the film…enjoy!


Kū Kanaka: Stand Tall, the Kanalu Young documentary by Marlene Booth