Once upon a time there was a blog…and an editor who had time to write! Thanks for poking through my new website far enough to find this post. In the redesign, I decided to keep a blog page with an archive of my blogs from 2010 – 2017. I know there are a few friends out there who teach film and use a few of these blogs as required reading for their students. Besides it’s documentation of my work throughout those years, in case anybody besides me is interested. If you poke through the very old entries you might find some broken links, or mention of a trailer with no video link. Sorry about that. Much has changed about the internet since 2010. If there’s anything you’re searching for that you really, really want to see, just shoot me a text or email and I’ll connect you with the missing content, if it still exists. In the meantime, enjoy your meander down Shirley Thompson Editorial memory lane… Aloha!