This made my day…Special Circumstances, the documentary I wrote and edited which chronicles Hector Salgado’s search for justice in Chile, was nominated for a Rockie.  Here is the tweet from the LPB series VOCES:

VOCES SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES and THE GOLDEN AGE have been nominated for a Banff World Television Festival (BANFF) Rockie Award. Congratulations to the producers! Chosen from 900 entries from more than 43 countries, the ‘Rockies’ is one of the world’s most prestigious events celebrating outstanding work by international TV creators responsible for the continuing evolution and originality in the industry.

Making the film was a 6 year labor of love for first time filmmaker Marianne Teleki and the culmination of a lifelong quest for her husband Hector, who was imprisoned, tortured and exiled during Chile’s 1973 coup.  These are the type of films that can only be made by independent filmmakers…no news operation would ever hang with a story that long in order to see it through.  Since we finished Special Circumstances in 2006, it has played in over 30 film festivals and has garnered many best documentary awards, and it aired across the country on PBS as part of the VOCES series.  More importantly, it has played in many communities, both here and abroad, hard hit by the events of 1973 and has given a voice to many who have never spoken about the terrible things that occurred during those dark times.

Felicidades to Marianne and Hector for this recognition of their terrific work, and for their ongoing efforts to get the film out to all the people who can be helped by it.  I am so proud of them and so proud of the film we made together. 

You can see the SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES trailer on my website and the music video, NEVER FORGET, too!