I couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with a project than Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman’s States of Grace, a beautiful documentary about Dr. Grace Dammann, and her arduous and inspiring journey of healing her shattered body after surviving a head-on automobile accident. This is one of those films everybody should see…it makes you hold your loved ones closer and examine what’s really important in your own life. I had the pleasure of working with Helen and Mark on their trailer and I am super looking forward to seeing this film on a big screen. But I think this film will do incredible work out in the world, helping folks who face similar obstacles in their own life and health, and I know Mark and Helen will do a great job getting it into the hands of physicians and caregivers and folks in the midst of their healing who need some inspiration.  They are raising the last bit of funding they need to do their sound mix, pay their composer for original music and color correct and master the film. If you can reach out to them with a tax-deductible, end of year contribution, your money would be well spent.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!  


grace trailer from Open Studio Productions on Vimeo.