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States of Grace Trailer

I couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with a project than Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman’s States of Grace, a beautiful documentary about Dr. Grace Dammann, and her arduous and inspiring journey of healing her shattered body after surviving a head-on automobile accident. This is one of those films everybody should see…Read More

New Trailer for BE HOME SOON

Trailer for Be Home Soon The latest from Shirley Thompson Editorial… a new trailer for a gorgeous film by Bay Area Filmmaker Melissa Howden, called BE HOME SOON. A man who would become a saint: Rev. Frederick B. “Ted” Howden, Jr., a small town minister from New Mexico, leaves his wife and three small children to volunteer as an Army Chaplain in 1941. He’s halfway around the world in the Philippines when World War Two erupts…only his letters home survive.Read More

Pacific Islanders in Communications New Promo

Think you know Pacific Islanders?  Well, there are so many stories, yet to be told.  That’s the theme of this newest promo for Pacific Islanders in Communications, featuring the films that they fund and broadcast on public television.  It was so great to get to watch literally dozens of the latest films executive produced by the good folks at PIC, and search for those “chicken-skin” moments that Read More