WINNING GIRL - Documentary Show Open - Trailer

Buried! Buried in edits! That’s where I’ve been. After nearly a year of editing and post, we were thrilled to premiere the documentary WINNING GIRL at Hawai‘i International Film Festival in October. We spent approximately 11 months in post, pouring over 4 1/2 years of raw footage, learning the basics of both judo and wrestling, and watching amazing Teshya Alo grow from spunky 12-year-old phenom to poised and powerful 17-year-old at the top of her game. It was great fun to collaborate with director Kimberlee Bassford, and also an amazing post production team, which included many long-time friends and creative cohorts: composer Mark Menza, sound designer and mixer Paul Zahnley/Disher Music and Sound, HD mastering guru Heather Lyon Weaver and of course online editor Stanford Chang. For the record it was the eighth film that Paul has mixed for me. WINNING GIRL is destined for broadcast and streaming on PBS in 2015…we’ll let you know when you can see it. In the meantime, enjoy the first two minutes of the film.

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Oh, and many thanks to our funders, especially the good folks at Pacific Islanders in Communications.