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WINNING GIRL premieres!

WINNING GIRL - Documentary Show Open - Trailer

Buried! Buried in edits! That’s where I’ve been. After nearly a year of editing and post, we were thrilled to premiere the documentary WINNING GIRL at Hawai‘i International Film Festival in October. We spent approximately 11 months in post, pouring over 4 1/2 years of raw footage, learning the basics of both judo and wrestling, and watching amazing Teshya Alo grow from spunky 12-year-old phenom to poised and powerful 17-year-old at the top of her game. Read More

Heartbreak, Lies, Film, Healing & Justice

I wonder at what point I became aligned with the underdog?  To me, it feels like it’s coded into my DNA.  I naturally want to support and back David instead of Goliath…the A’s instead of the Giants…and of course, never the New York Yankees. This sentiment serves me well as a documentary editor…Read More

Trailer by Shirley: Check out a new season of Independent Lens films

Aloha everybody…working in Honolulu this week as I get ready to relocate Shirley Thompson Editorial world headquarters to the Aloha State!

Just wanted to share this trailer I edited for the good folks at Independent Lens…this is my eighth season creating promos and trailers for Independent Lens (!) and in particular, this trailer which they screened at the PBS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX last week.  Here is a sneak preview of a few films from the 2010-2011 season.