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New Years Revolutions

More water.  Less gluten.

More walking.  Less driving.

More blogging.  Less procrastinating.

More hiking. More dancing.

My friend Trayc calls them revolutions, instead of resolutions, which I really like.  Like most folks, I always begin the year with at least one big goal.  Last year I vowed to use less disposable plastic, and that shifted everything about the way I interact with the world of commerce. Read More

Resolving to Use a Lot Less Plastic in 2011

Happy New Year everybody from the edit room at Gravity, where my partner Stanford Chang has been kind enough to let me camp out today, this first work day of the new year.  I love working at home, but sometimes it feels good to get up, get dressed and really GO to work.  Today felt like one of those days.

So I’ve taken a personal pledge to use less plastic in 2011.  I had switched to reusable shopping bags and have been avoiding taking any plastic bags for shopping for sometime.  But plastic containers have slowly crept back into my life as a convenience, since they’re all recyclable, right?  WRONG!  Not in Hawaii. Here in the Islands, Read More