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Living in Public: Addressing Privacy Fears About Your Online Posts

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Usually, it begins with a comment like this:  “Oh, I could never risk putting something out there on the internet, and have it come back to haunt me years later. That stuff never goes away.  Once it’s posted, it’s on the internet forever.” Lately, I’ve been having this conversation with certain clients, friends and fellow filmmakers who still are avoiding social media, because they fear that someone will post something unflattering about them, and they won’t be able to control it.Read More

Filmmakers Using the Web to Build a Brand

I am obsessed with social media. As a documentary filmmaker from the old fashioned school of long-form storytelling, I am completely taken with the newest form of telling a story:  tweeting it in 140 characters or less on Twitter Or telling the ongoing saga of your life in status updates, photos and links on Facebook. A blog like this one is so old fashioned, really. It’s so 2008. But call me old school, I do like scribbling out a story, setting it up with a lead, even a rambling one like this one, and taking you, the reader, on a journey.

And Twitter and Facebook aren’t all that different really…Read More