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Film Finishing Prep: Copying Media Using Premiere Pro

KK at Onipa‘aPicture Lock! After months of editing, Marlene Booth’s documentary Kū Kanaka is nearly finished. I am sitting in Stanford Chang’s edit room at Gravity in Honolulu as he color corrects and finishes final picture on this mostly-Adobe Premiere edit.

In order to move the picture locked sequence to Stan’s system, I needed to learn and use Adobe Premiere Pro’s Project Manager feature. But first we spent some time cleaning up our sequence and getting the highest resolution stills and archival footage possible. We also upconverted a lot of SD sources to HD via Teranex hardware. I will detail this process in this blog, and I will talk about Project Manager in additional detail in the next blog.Read More

Your iPhone is a Mic

Here’s a quick post about using my iPhone as a quick and dirty recording device. I happen to have an iPhone 5, but I’m sure this would work on any newer smartphone using a comparable app.Read More

New Video of Peace Pilot Installation for PeaceDay

I love it when an irresistible project comes along. A project so compelling that I know in my gut and my heart that no matter what, I have to jump in and help make it happen. That’s how I felt about Trayc Claybrook’s PEACE PILOT, a monumental video installation of four films she made about peace, with which we enveloped an entire building. It was luscious. Read More