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5 Tips For Cutting a Winning Fundraising Clip

Every film project needs a fundraising clip, no matter what stage of production or post. As a documentary editor, I feel like I spend as much time editing fundraising clips for filmmakers as actual films. And now with the growing popularity of crowdfunding sites like and, and individual film websites, a good short video that gives a potential funder a solid idea of what your film is about is essential.

So the question is, what to show?

Here are five tips to consider when crafting your film’s fundraising clip.Read More

Living in Public: Addressing Privacy Fears About Your Online Posts

Would you hire me? Read on…

Usually, it begins with a comment like this:  “Oh, I could never risk putting something out there on the internet, and have it come back to haunt me years later. That stuff never goes away.  Once it’s posted, it’s on the internet forever.” Lately, I’ve been having this conversation with certain clients, friends and fellow filmmakers who still are avoiding social media, because they fear that someone will post something unflattering about them, and they won’t be able to control it.Read More